Cloth Face Mask Versus Transparent Face Shield

Cloth Face Mask Versus Transparent Face Shield


Today, we face turbulent times as the general public is becoming more health-conscious amid global health concerns. As businesses develop ways to prevent food contamination without compromising their service, transparent masks continue to grow in demand.

Moreover, restaurants, food service, and hospitality businesses further address occupational hygiene by distributing transparent face shields to employees. 

These steps are in line with the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) guidelines in wearing face coverings to eliminate workplace risks and promote hygienic practices.

With that, you might ask which hygienic mask better protect your customers and staff. This post will compare cloth face masks and clear face shields and why one is better than the other.


Usage Over Extended Periods

It is undeniable that working in foodservice and concierge businesses over long periods means you have to wear face coverings for hours. Hygienic face masks essentially prevent droplets from contaminating food and surfaces and protect customers and staff from infection.

However, there is a stark difference between cloth masks and clear face shields, especially personal hygiene. Whenever we speak, sneeze, or cough, we release millions of droplets in the air, which could contaminate people’s food or infect other staff. That’s why a reliable face mask that can stand long hours of exposure is vital for a productive and safe workplace.

To begin with, people who use glasses may experience fogging up when using cloth masks. Also, breathing through the fabric over long periods moistens it, reducing its protective property as dust and droplets accumulate on the mask surface.

On the other hand, clear face masks have an ergonomic design that prevents glasses from fogging up. Aside from that, transparent masks have primary barriers that won’t moisten with breathing. You can also clean them with dishwashing soap and water. Use a towel to wipe it dry, and you’re ready to go.


Convenience and Comfort

If you’ve been using a cloth mask at work for a while, you would know how difficult it is to speak clearly with other people — especially those who are deaf and hard-hearing. Not only does a cloth mask muffle your speaking voice, but it also obstructs your mouth, leaving them unable to read your lips. More often than not, hard-hearing people won’t even notice you speaking to them, which is a common sight in groceries and counters.

That’s where a transparent face mask stands out, as it doesn’t filter out sounds nor obscure most of your face. Seeing your facial expressions is critical since half of communication is non-verbal — and we mostly rely on facial expressions or visual cues when speaking with others.

Additionally, convenience and comfort are equally critical when choosing what mask to wear. If your task involves talking over long shifts or working for hours, using a cloth mask might hamper your breathing.

That’s why clear face masks outdo cloth masks for occupational and personal hygiene. We design our lightweight clear masks for breathability and comfort, so speaking with them is as easy and as clear as wearing no mask at all.

While cutting down on visual features for hygiene is reasonable enough, having both in one product is a considerable advantage for y our everyday occupational lifestyle. That’s because, as human beings, we communicate our emotions and expressions even on the subconscious level. 


Hygiene Concerns

At this point, you should have an idea of the impacts of a single sneeze on workplace hygiene. Hence, by supplying face masks that are reliable over extended periods, you are protecting your employees and consumers from direct infection and health risks acquired from droplets and other fluids.

Furthermore, the general public is becoming more and more anxious about hygiene concerns about workplaces and food spots. Despite this situation, you can convince the public and earn their trust by showing how your business pays attention to sanitation and proper hygiene.

Providing clear masks to your cooks and front of house staff allow them to serve customers safely with a visible smile. It is also a step in the right path as food servers who wear cloth masks may give a sickly impression to people, especially those anxious about their health.



The increasing demand for transparent face masks is evident as it has hygienic and aesthetic benefits for the food and concierge industry. Aside from a clear mask’s reliability in mitigating food contamination, its advantages over cloth masks go a long way.

Supplying clear face masks to your employees gives them a protective layer that preserves hygiene, comfort, and effective communication. Clear Mask Pro™ is the optimized clear face mask designed perfectly for the food industry for your workplace hygiene solutions.


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