The Invisible Mask for a Visible Smile

The Invisible Mask for a Visible Smile


Whether in restaurants, bars, concierges, and other food service establishments, transparent masks have always been evident. Not only are clear face masks essential in maintaining occupational safety and sanitation, but they also play a vital role in conveying messages and emotion, among others.

Moreover, the imminent concerns revolving around food safety and hygiene make clear face masks a critical component for several industries' future. In other words, invisible masks protect a visible smile.


Clear Masks Protect Your Smile

Today, most people will do most outdoor activities differently amid several health crises. Despite that, communicating our emotions and messages with other people should stay intact. That said, maintaining a strong bond with consumers is challenging if your staff and visitors speak only with their eyes.

Transparent face masks keep you protected without hiding your smile. Whether in the kitchen, homes, or the storefront, clear masks are excellent alternatives to cloth masks. Not only do they maintain proper hygiene, but their transparent and breathable design keeps food and surfaces protected without concealing half of your face.


Communicating Effectively with Clear Masks

Working for long shifts in a food business or concierge involves hours of non-stop communication. Hence, people who wear cloth masks for extended periods may experience difficulty in breathing or communicating, especially with a sweaty and moist face covering.

From the point where you welcome a customer in your building, take their order, and prepare it, you will need to speak with them and a handful of other staff until you give their food. Therefore, wearing a hygienic mask is crucial — and clear masks are the ideal solution as they don't moisten and fog up from breathing.

In other words, clear mouth masks are your solution to prevent shedding droplets without cutting down on breathability. Moreover, its parent barrier also benefits deaf and hard-hearing consumers.

Unlike cloth face masks, a clear mask won't muffle your speaking voice as well as obstruct lip-reading. Thus, you can maintain an inclusive business landscape for people with hearing ailments. 

A huge portion of the health issues includes mental health awareness — and being able to communicate your emotions in your workplace is a step in the right direction. That's because clear masks are excellent alternatives for their convenience and the superior ability for verbal and non-verbal communication.


Hygiene and Sanitation, Above All

Clear face masks stand out from cloth masks in terms of occupational hygiene because of their convenience and transparent material. Aside from that, large-scale restaurants and five-star facilities utilize clear masks for their protective and hygienic properties.

For cooks, food servers, kitchen staff, and front desk employees, handling food or paperwork exposes these surfaces to droplets and saliva. Whenever we speak, sneeze, or cough, millions of droplets spread in the air, finding their way into food, keyboards, phones, and other surfaces.

Hence, if you want to earn public trust, you can start by showing how your business cares about proper hygiene and workplace sanitation. Distributing clear masks to employees is a vital step so your staff can serve customers safely with a visible smile.

Besides, being a restaurateur or Conciergerie is a serious task, as the price you pay for overlooking sanitation can be expensive. To avoid hazardous incidents from happening, shifting into clear face masks is a reliable preventive action.



Clear face masks provide a unique customer service that protects both ends from health risks without hiding facial expressions and emotions. Furthermore, we should expect clear masks to be part of our new normal because of their hygienic and aesthetic advantages.

Clear face masks primarily mitigate food poisoning and maintain occupational hygiene, but it has long-term benefits that can put your business one smile above its competitors. That's because expressing your smile while staying safe improves the overall consumer-provider relationship and quality of care.

Investing in clear masks is a small price in promoting convenience and effective communication. Clear Mask Pro™ is the optimized clear face mask designed perfectly for the foodservice business.


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