Why Restaurants Should Provide Clear Masks to Their Employees

Why Restaurants Should Provide Clear Masks to Their Employees


As restaurants, food service, and hospitality businesses take extra miles to address customers' hygiene concerns, these industries' future will involve transparent masks. Furthermore, the Canadian Centre of Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) highlights the significance of wearing face coverings to reduce workplace risks and promote healthy practices.

We live in turbulent times, and as a response, the general public has become more health-conscious. As companies look for ways to prevent spreading droplets without cutting performance, clear masks will continue to grow in demand.

That said, here are some reasons why restaurants should provide clear masks to their employees:


Hygiene Concerns

For chefs, cooks, and kitchen staff, preparing the food until it reaches the plate exposes it to droplets and saliva. Whenever we speak, sneeze, or cough, millions of droplets spread in the air, finding their way onto people's food.

However, clear masks block those droplets and prevent them from contaminating food. By supplying these masks to your employees, you are safeguarding your customers and staff from contamination and health risks acquired from droplets and other fluids.

Hence, you can earn public trust by showing how your restaurant cares about sanitation and proper hygiene. By providing a clear mask to your cooks and front of house staff, you can serve customers safely with a visible smile.

Running a restaurant means serious business, and the price you pay for neglecting hygiene and cleanliness in your establishment can be costly. To avoid such incidents and showcase cleanliness in your facilities, distributing clear masks is a reliable preventive action.



Employees and personnel who work with food should look neat and clean round-the-clock. However, that doesn't translate to bulky equipment and nuisance protective gear — as lightweight masks can perform as well as cloth masks.

Additionally, clear masks are as critical as hairnets and protective gloves when handling food and transacting with customers. Hence, restaurateurs who care about food safety and sanitation insist that their employees carry these reliable precautions.

An ultra-light clear mask with an anti-fog feature will have your staff perform with comfort and convenience. With it, kitchen staff and waiters can speak clearly and perform their tasks comfortably without their masks fogging up like glasses.

Besides, clear masks don't interfere with your employee's vision and aren't detrimental to breathing. In terms of sanitation and hygiene, a clear mask is ideal as it eliminates breathability and skin breakout issues faced by cooks and waiters working long shifts.


Optimal Communication

Undeniably, working in a restaurant involves lots of communication. From taking your customers' orders, cooking with other staff, to handling complaints, speaking behind a protective mask makes breathing difficult.

That's where a clear mask stands out. Its breathable and transparent design makes communicating as easy and as clear as wearing no protective mask at all.

Using a clear mask will help employees communicate with people with difficulty hearing more comfortably than a cloth mask. Typically, a cloth mask muffles the speaking voice and hampers lip-reading, making the transaction a lengthy and cumbersome one.


Clear Masks Show Clear Smiles

As many people know, a restaurant is a place for recreational dining, social gathering, and leisure. While some of those activities won't be the same as they were due to the global health crisis, the industry's main purpose remains.

That said, you don't want your restaurant staff to look sickly with cloth masks. Besides, conveying your message and maintaining an excellent image is challenging if customers and staff only communicate with their eyes.

As a result, not only are clear masks effective in observing proper hygiene and sanitation, but they also help your employees serve with a visible smile.



Clear masks play a critical role in the sanitation and operation of restaurants and other food businesses. Taking an extra step to mitigate food poisoning and hygiene issues can go a long way and eventually save your company significant revenue.

Investing in clear masks also promotes convenience and effective communication in the workplace. Clear Mask Pro™ is the optimized clear face mask designed perfectly for restaurants.

Keep yourself protected without hiding your smile. Contact our staff at 647.948.8108, email: contact@clearmaskpro.ca

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