About KF94 Mask

Why Good Manner KF94 Masks

Q. Why trust Korean facemasks?

A: Well before the COVID-19 pandemic, Korea was protecting people there from particles sized 0.4μm by using KF94 masks. Korea has made great contributions to the variety of face masks on offer in Canada.  

Q: Is Clear Pro Global an Authorized Distributor of Good Manner Masks?

A: Yes, Clear Pro Global is THE ONLY Authorized Distributor of Good Manner Masks. The authentic Good Manner Masks are manufactured ONLY by Handa Health Care CO. LTD, located in South Korea. All Clear Pro Global products are directly from the manufacturer.

Handa Health Care has NO manufacturing facilities, NO local offices, NO representative of Good Manner Masks in Canada BUT only Authorized Dealers. 

Q: Is Good Manner KF94 Mask FDA Approved?

A: Yes, It is approved in South Korea, USA FDA approved & ISO 9001 certification of quality management system. And also, It has CE. Certificate No: PPE-MC-1059-20. Certificate of Conformity According to Module C2 of PPE Regulation EU 2016/425.

Q: Where can I find certifications of Good Manner Masks? 

A: Please visit Handa Health Care website where you can find all the certifications.  http://eng.han-da.co.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=0402

Q: Can I do Curbside pickup?

A: Yes, Clear Pro Global is located at 9-169 Dundas St. East. Mississauga, ON, L5A1W8. Please email: cpglobalca@gmail.com for curbside pick up after the placing online order.

Q: Is www.kf94mask.com Clear Pro Global?

Yes, Clear Pro Global has multiple domains that are re-directed to www.clearmaskpro.ca.  Clear Pro Global has the following domain names: www.goodmannerkf94mask.com, www.kf94mask.com, www.purebluemask.com, which are re-directed to www.clearmaskpro.ca

Q: What is KF94 Mask?

A: KF stands for "Korean filter”, which is an index indicating particle blocking performance that is certified by the Korean FDA. Higher the KF index, the higher the rate of blocking small dust particles.  And 94 refers to its filtration efficiency, which is 94%.

Q: Are KF94 masks reusable?

A: No, it is recommended for single use only.

Q: How long can I wear KF94 masks ?

A: The KF94 mask is designed for daily use and is a disposable product. To ensure KF94 face masks maintain their protective properties, the manufacturer recommends consumers use them for no more than eight to ten hours.

Q: Is Good Manner a KF94 Mask?

A: Yes, Good Manner KF94 mask is registered with the Korean Food and Drug Safety (KFDS) and US FDA. Korea Filter (KF) is a certification mark granted by the Korean government to prove that the product has undergone assessment and supervision by the MFDS. Using the “KF” mark for face masks that are not certified by the MFDS can mislead customers into thinking that the face mask is made in Korea under the required and tested conditions for filtration efficiency. 


Q: What are the differences between KF94 and KN95 Masks?

A: KF94 masks are Made in Korea, which is regulated by Korean FD, which meets the Korean standard of 94 percent filtration efficiency.

KN95 respirator, which meets the Chinese standard of 95 percent filtration efficiency.