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Good Manner

Good Manner KF94 Masks for Kids BLACK (age 5 to 12), 10 Masks / The Authorized Distributor in Canada.

Good Manner KF94 Masks for Kids BLACK (age 5 to 12), 10 Masks / The Authorized Distributor in Canada.

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Good Manner KF94 Masks Kids, Black.

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Good Manner KF94 KIDS Mask BLACK (10 masks)
UV Protection, Comfortable fit. Convenient and hygienic. Protects the respiratory system from particulate substances, such as yellow dust.

South Korea & USA FDA approved & ISO 9001 certification of a quality management system  

4-ply Structure, 3-tier foldable, High-adhesion nose clip.

1. A 4-Ply structured filter using a highly efficiently static electricity filter.
2. A Hypoallergenic mask of high-quality fabric with a soft touch.
3. 3-tier foldable, 3D dimensional structure.
4. With functional nose support, excellent adhesion.
5. High elasticity ear band.

Not for Medical Use. 

Please note that face masks are non-returnable for reasons of health and safety.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    Great product. Just wish there was less packaging but also understand and appreciate that there is no other way to keep individual masks sterile.

    I did not receive my masks

    I never received my merchandise.

    I am glad you received the package.

    Jaded Downtowner
    Very comfortable for my small adult face

    Since I'm at risk for severe complications and relatively poor, I've had all my boosters and mask whenever I leave home.  But my roommates are wealthy, ableist and irresponsible. So after 2 years of no illness I got what doctors would call mild COVID.  It wasn't mild for me at all. I now have a new and sometimes debilitating health problem that I didn't have before.

    I soon found out about Good Manner masks, which is endorsed by legit scientific testing. Please do check out the CBC report on KN95s and KF94s.

    I find these masks a little stifling when I first put them on, but within minutes they become VERY breathable. I pinch the wire to fit the bridge of my nose and I don't get fog on my glasses. I don't feel air escaping from the edges. I initially ordered 10 and since they fit me great I got a 25 pack. I called the company for help with sizing and they were really helpful.

    They seem to filter out a lot of bad smells too (which to me affirms what scientific tests say) when walking about downtown Toronto - pollution, construction fume, exhaust fume, cigarette smoke/vapour central. They also help with dust and dirt at home. I've often come home and forgotten to take off this mask.

    Do right by yourself and others: reduce risk and transmission. Wear masks, wear them properly, and get vaxxed as soon as you're eligible.