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Good Manner

Good Manner Mask KF94 (100 Masks), White Adult / Free Shipping within Canada-The Authorized Distributor in Canada.

Good Manner Mask KF94 (100 Masks), White Adult / Free Shipping within Canada-The Authorized Distributor in Canada.

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Good Manner Protective Plus KF94 Masks.

B2B For 1000+ masks: contact:

All Prices in CAD funds. 

WARNING✅ BEWARE of Illegal / Unauthorized Sellers ** We are the ONLY Trusted Authorized Distributor of Good Manner Masks in Canada ✅

KF94: 4-Layer Protection with high-quality ‘KF’ for Korea Filter.

South Korea & USA FDA approved & ISO 9001 certification of a quality management system  

It is specifically designed as 3D flat-fold (also referred as fish-shaped) to provide the wearer with comfort and more space to breathe. ( Adult Use Only )


100 masks Individually Packaged masks: Each mask is packed individually for Hygienic purposes.

Not for Medical Use.  

Please note that face masks are non-returnable for reasons of health and safety.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 67 reviews
    Great Masks, Reasonable Priced

    This is the 2nd time I bought these masks; altogether I've bought 300 masks from them, and had no problem whatsoever. Very good quality compare to the other 3 brands of KF94 masks I've used because I didn't feel itchy when wearing them as oppose to the other 3 which made my nose itchy. I have allergies, so I'm more sensitive. Unfortunately, they are too big for me unless I wear an adjustment clip at the back of my head. Now only my 18 year-old son wears them in the crowded train when commuting to college. This order arrived (B.C.) less than 2 weeks which was a week faster than last time. If needed, I'll order these again.
    Note: I almost ordered from ", " but suspected they were not legit. I wish the company would call out the illegitimated sellers by name so that customers wouldn't be confused.

    Hi LH, We're so glad that we were able to provide you with masks that you can wear often! Thank you so much for being our customer, and for the great review. We appreciate you!

    Un service hors pair

    Je suis immunosupprimé, alors c'est important pour moi d'avoir un masque efficace. Ces masques sont vraiment étanches et le service de Good Manner est super : expédition rapide et vérification que tout a bien été. Merci Good Manner!

    Take it from a non-smoking asthmatic who literally gags at second hand smoke: this works

    I bought it for covid protection during pandemic due to the good reviews from CBC marketplace. But got really convinced after needing to use it as a face cover (temporarily) during a fire.


    A fire broke out in the lower levels of my condo building and smoke went up to the higher floors. Smoke made the hallways hazy like moderate level morning fog, and smells were entering units. I exited my unit (with my small-sized goodmanner mask on snugly) into the haze of smoke to check the hallways to see what was going on.

    I could see and smell the smoke but I wasn't coughing. After 8 minutes in the smokey hallway, I went back into my smoke-smelling unit to check on my family. After another 15 minutes, I went back into the hallway, and it looked slightly more hazy. After a minute, 5 firefighters with full face oxygen masks (they were checking air quality/pollution) came and told me to go back to my unit to turn on air vents and open windows. They were in full gear and all I had was a mask and I still wasn't coughing. Catching a glance on their air pollution counter, digital reading was at 4400. My guess is 4400 ppm of smoke in the air, but that's a guess.

    So I went back to my unit, still wearing my mask for 30 minutes until the smoke smell started easing up. I took my mask off and was surprised how it got so dirty.
    It was originally a bright white mask, but after only 8 minutes in the smokey hallway and 30 minutes inside my own unit, it became grey. (See attached photos - those are NOT shadows on the side or nasal area!!! Those are the particles caught by the filter!!!). You can see the difference between the breathable part that blocked the smoke, and the non-breathable part on the sides. You can even compare to the colour against a white oven.

    The mask really filtered A LOT because the smoke would have triggered my asthma. But I did not cough the whole time I had the mask on. And the photos show it!!!

    Great masks, GoodManner!!

    Donna James

    Good Manner Mask KF94 (100 Masks), White Adult / Free Shipping within Canada-The Authorized Distributor in Canada.

    Paul Rosenbaum

    Good Manner Mask KF94 (100 Masks), White Adult / Free Shipping within Canada-The Authorized Distributor in Canada.